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Breast cancer affects thousands of women across the world everyday, I believe if we can offer something to help each patient feel better after their surgeries then they should be able to receive something beautiful.

Simome and Natalie specialise in creating artistic realistic nipples for women after breast cancer, mastectomy and reconstruction. We are one of the very few studios in the UK offering a PERMANENT NO-FADE 3D Nipple Tattoo service. What this means is that we create 3D Nipple Tattoos which won’t fade or need retouching, unlike micro-pigmentation/cosmetic nipples. This is similar to the service offered by Vinnie Myers in the USA.

3D nipple areola tattooing or repigmentation has become standard procedure in reconstruction following a mastectomy. It is generally performed as the final stage of breast reconstruction. It can also be done to conceal a scar or cosmetically enhance your nipples. We are able to give them the appearance of a completely natural areola and nipple.

This is a simple tattoo procedure for women who have lost one or both nipples through surgery or trauma. By using advanced tattooing techniques, the appearance of the nipple can be restored.

We use the highest quality machinery and needles when performing this procedure. Luckily in the last 8 years, the tattoo industry has come up with silent rotary machines (which means no scary buzzing!) with the finest needle points – very similar to that of a pen or a brush. This provides a softer touch on the skin and finer detailed results. Each needle is vacuum sealed and individually packaged to the best quality.

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The late Richard with Mr Giles Davies MB BS BSc. MD FRCS(Gen.Surg.) Mr Giles Davies is a surgeon from Harley Street who after performing surgery on the ladies refers them to us with an option of a permanent areola tattoo

Natalie and Simone are now both BUPA affiliated. More information given on request.

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Areola tattooists, Natalie and Simone.

Natalie worked alongside Richard for 15 years, she ran his business for him ensuring it all ran smoothly. Richard passed away in 2016. In 2017 Natalie re-opened the studio in a new location, re-hiring back all the staff who worked for Richard. 3D areola tattoos was re born continung Richard's legacy. Simone was Richard's only ever apprentice, working for him for over 5 years, Simone now has her own studio in linconshire but couldnt be happier to be back at Adrenalin to help out with the areola tattooing.

Natalie and Simone are both BUPA affiliated and fee assured, for clients with BUPA insurnace please contact your provider first.


Both Giles Davies and Harleen Deol, these surgeons recommend their patients to us after having any breast augmentation. 

We also work closey with Nilesh Sojitra from the Spire Harpenden.

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